Celebrating Diversity: We are not the same.

Diversity is our greatest strength! #Diversity

Celebrating Diversity: We are not the same.
Diversity is our greatest strength. #Diversity

As you may know, diversity continues to be a major priority–and problem–for this community. It is a Priority, for we are all highly progressive individuals who believe in juicetice and equality, but also a problem, because there is a great over-representation of High IQ, High EQ, High-Gettin'-Laid-Everyday individuals among us, which is not very progressive and can be quite exclusionary towards the entire Australian population (New-Zealand also).

Therefore, this year the X.C team hath decided to take concrete steps to address our diversity problems by "Celebrating Differences" between subscribers and non-subscribers with hopes to attract some Low IQ, Low EQ, and Still-Virgin indivduals to this community.

Some of you may know that last year we ran a similar "Celebrating Diversity" program especially for women–because all women want (and need) is a chance to rise up in this male-dominated, patriarchical world.

Women of this community were requested to send in high-quality photographs of something that is unique to women only: Breasts. We were hoping that this would provide our community an opportunity to celebrate the various shapes, sizes and colors of mammary glands and aerolae, but unfortunately, we did not recieve a single submission (we are still open to submissions). We are hoping that this time our community's response will be more encouraging, so please participate.

You do not have to submit anything, all you must do is share this email with your Low IQ, Low EQ, Still Virgin friends so that they may join us and decrease the average IQ of this community. As was mentioned before, diversity is our number one priority.

Our current Average IQ stands at 130, we are hoping that we can bring it down to 112 by the end of this year.

So let's get into it. Celebrating Diversity between us and them!

Thank you for attending our diversity seminar, see you later.